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Hello authors from here and far! Snyder here! I wanted to start a blog tour service for authors since I get such a kick out of helping authors get the word out about their books! 

Prices and packages are listed below! So if you would like to book a tour for a book blitz, cover reveal, or review tour, let me know! Also, in order to get bloggers interested in both your book tour and my tour service, I will have a few events planned in the future. We have to get the word out somehow! Thank you for stopping by! If you wish to contact me, use the email address listed below or the forms provided. 

Since I am promoting these tours and my hosts have certain preferences and tastes that may not align with a certain book, I reserve the right to pick and choose. However, rest at ease. They love a variety of genres. Please do not be disheartened if I opt out of promoting your book. 

Please schedule all tours at least 2 months in advance. 
Blitz, cover reveals, and smaller events can be scheduled as soon as a month or 2 weeks in advance.

You will get more reaction and views if you offer a giveaway with your blitz, reveal, promo and tours. So yes, giveaways are highly encouraged: you can have a tour- wide giveaway, where the blogs on the tour share a rafflecopter. Or you can have giveaways at the individual tour stops. It is up to you, the author. 

You are providing the review copies of your books to the bloggers for the tours, whether they be print or ecopies of the books. It is easier for me to distribute the ebooks to the reviewers than it is to act as a go- between each time someone signs up. So, unless you prefer otherwise, You will send this info to me and I will forward it to the hosts. They will be distributed to the bloggers in advance of the tour dates, along with the post and giveaway info. 

I will make the tour banners and buttons, as well as any other promotional paraphernalia involved in the tour, as well as coordinate the giveaways. That is, unless you would prefer to handle these details yourself. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page. Or the contact form on the sidebar. Okay, that's all the contact forms. ;)

The packages seen below are not set in stone. We can custom make your tour, just let me know what you would like.

Package Info

*All packages include a basic tour banner, Facebook banner for promoting tour, promo image to promote book, promo image to promote the tour and the organization of the rafflecopter, the sending of information to tour participants [ebooks, covers, blurb, info, etc.], as well as promotion on both the blog tour page, blog tour Facebook page, twitter, book review blog, and review blog Facebook page. If reviews are included in tour, I will also make review snippits from stops on the tour. 

Image Examples

Example of tour banner, here (used for sidebars and posts) Image taken from Children of the Knight tour: 

Example of Facebook banner, here (used to promote the tour on Facebook pages): 

Example of book promo image: 

Example of tour promo image: 

Example of a review snippit (Taken from Waybrooke tour): 

Packages and Pricing

To see what different posts entail, see the Post Types page

*Payment is by Paypal invoice. Other arrangements can be made if needed.

  • Mega mixed tour with everything from promo posts, excerpts, guest posts, top 10, reviews, etc will be $55. Emphasis on reviews. (goal/limit one stop for every weekday in the month selected- will accept more if demand is great at no extra cost) 

  • 1 week or 2 week purely review tour with 15 stops is $40

  • 1 week tour with mixed posts 15 stops that include reviews is $30. (7 reviews. 8 mixed posts)

  • 1 week promo post tour with NO reviews, but everything else [guest posts, interviews, excerpts, promo posts, top 10, etc] included is $20 (15 stops) I will also make a promo graphic to be circulated around Facebook and participating blogs. Examples HERE. This is not a blitz, as this can still contain special posts tailored for specific bloggers and stops. Includes Facebook  banner to promote promo tour. Can be a purely excerpt tour, teaser tour, interview tour, guest post tour, etc or have a variety. 

  • 1 day or 1 week promo blitz is $15 (as many stops as possible) Blitz includes book info [cover, blurb, purchase links] author info [image, links, and bio] I will also make a blitz graphic to be circulated around Facebook and participating blogs. Also includes Facebook Banner to promote blitz. 

  • 1 day cover reveal is $10 (as many stops as possible) [I will need to see the cover.] Posts include, cover, book info, and purchase links. If author has a tag line available, I will also make a promo graphic (made from cover) to be circulated the day of the reveal. Examples HERE

  • Graphics- $5 each. If you would just like promo images, sidebar images, review snippits, banners, or Facebook banners made, then message me via the sidebar box. Just let me know what you want. They can be author images promoting a series or promoting an event. If you want more than one image made, then a group price can be determined. 

Again, we can talk over prices and customize the tour and price to fit your needs. Tours can be purchased in groupings at smaller prices. Also, if you book with us once and decide to use us again, I don't see why we can't offer you a returning customer discount as well. I am just happy to be working with you. $5 off the package of your choice. (:


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