Goodreads/ Amazon Reviewers

Goodreads and Amazon reviewers are welcome to sign up to review any of the books for our promotions. You will still have a scheduled "post day" for the tour. However, you simply need to have your review up on your reviewing platform by the scheduled day so I can share it. If you request a book to review and ask for April 5th as your post date, that just means you need to have your review up on either Goodreads or Amazon beforehand, so I can share it on the 5th. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me, or leave a comment. I am also on Goodreads, here, if you need to contact me: Ryan Snyder

You can follow BMTS Tours on Facebook to receive news about new tours, follow the tour site via any of the sidebar options, and Yes, you can sign up as a host to get emails about new and upcoming tour/review opportunities or you can follow the blog, here, or at Book- Marks The Spot for new tours. I announce new tours both here and there. 

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