Host Giveaway [January- August]

There will be a Host Giveaway every 6 months for bloggers/others who participate in any of the promotional events on the blog. Each promotion you take part in over the giveaway period will allow you one entry into the giveaway! I will keep track of entries via my dear friend Rafflecopter! 

How do the entries work?
well, for example:

If you participated in a cover reveal (and actually posted on your day), then you can gain one entry (+1) into the host contest. I will have a space available on the rafflecopter for you to paste in your post URL for every entry option. If you participated in a Tour and posted a review, then you will gain three (+3) entries. A guest post, top 10, or any similar post will gain you 2 entries (+2). Savvy?

I will have the Rafflecopter below and will add entry options for the contest period as the tours progress. 

Note: Entries for each contest will only be for the months listed. 

If the rafflecopter is for January- May, there will not be entry options for a tour that is happening in October. Understand? I will put those entry options into the June= December  Rafflecopter. 

If you have any questions, you know where to find me! 

****also, I have added the refer a friend option. If you refer a friend here and they sign up for a promotion or as a host, you get more entries. (I have set these as daily entries in case you add more than one friend). 

Thank you!

Note: While you do not have to be a registered host to enter, you do have to participate in one of the promotions OR sign up as a host in order to be eligible. That is the only prerequisite- that you are involved in the site somehow- not just liking the page on Facebook.  I had people entering last month who were not hosts, did not participate, or did not join a promotion. That is not fair to the people who help with promotions- However, I was not very clear about this, so I apologize.

Current Giveaway

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