Post Types

Other Promo terms: What do they mean?

All types of posts can include book information and giveaways

Reviews The blogger is given a copy of your book to review. They post the review on their blog on the scheduled dates of the blog tour. (reviews can include promo materials) These are honest reviews and if the host did not enjoy the book, the will post a promo instead. They are, however, free to post their honest review after the tour is over. 

Guest Posts You write a post about a subject related to your writing, book, or experiences. You will either have predetermined topics of your choosing, or you can opt to have the blogger choose a topic for you. 

Top 10  The blogger gives you a category and you list your top 10 choices in that category.

Excerpts- small sections from your book to be used as teasers for the tour. 

Dream Cast -Author pick and blogger pick: You or the blogger choose the cast of the book- who you picture the characters to be. Like if you were casting people for your movie. ;)

Playlists – Author pick or blogger pick (You or the blogger pick music that you feel pertains to the book, or that you read while reading the book. It's your choice.

[The Top 10, playlist, and Dream cast are posted in conjunction with a review or promo]

Interviews The bloggers compose a series of 7-12 questions for you to answer. They send the questions to me. I, in turn, forward them to you. You answer the questions you are comfortable with. Then, you send the answers to me, and I forward them to the blogger to include in their post. Simple.

Character Interviews The Process is the same as with the Author Interviews- the only difference being that instead of the blogger asking the author the questions, they have interviewing one of the characters from the author's books. The author then answers the questions as the character would. Authors can also create ready- made "interactive character interviews" and forego the host sending the questions.

Promo Posts Blog posts that include all the information for the book/ books being promoted, your author bio, the giveaway, and may include a top 10, dream cast, or playlist.

Only Cover Reveals

Cover reveals I gather as many bloggers/ facebook pages/ etc. as I can and they sign up to share your cover with the world on a specific day of your choosing. The Cover/ information is sent to them 1-2 days in advance of the post.


  1. I signed up to be a tour host.Thank you for stopping by my blog ( Just Me,Myself, and I ) and thanks for the invite.

    1. Thanks! And no problem, I love that you have a section for favorite quotes. That is such a neat idea. And no problem. (: